Hello.  It’s been a long time between posts.  After an extensive trip to Europe, I am back all inspired and refreshed, but now it’s time for a change.  Time to open a new door.

Iron Gate on Capri

Stunning entrance door on the Isle of Capri, Italy

DIY Decorator turns 5

Yes.  DIY Decorator is now 5 years old.  I hit the Publish button for the first time in October 2013, and continued to publish regularly until mid-this year.  There is a wealth of decorating information and tips on this blog, including my personal step by step approach to create a decorating plan for your home.

But after 5 years of pouring my heart and soul into this blog, it’s time for a change.

The DIY Decorator Facebook Cover

Old DIY Decorator Logo

The first DIY Decorator Logo – October 2013

The DIY Decorator website will be live and available for you to read for the next couple of years.  You’ll still have access to all the resources and articles, it’s just that I won’t be posting any new posts.

Welcome to Hydrangea Lane Home

Hydrangea Lane Home is where I will be now.

Hydrangea Lane Home

I am passionate about creating a beautiful home.  One that you love and it loves you back.  Where you feel happy, warm, safe and nurtured.

I want to inspire you to:

  • Live Beautifully
  • Love Your Home
  • and Make Everyday Life Special

Hydrangea Lane Home is a relaxed classic, timeless style.  It’s about slow living and simple everyday pleasures.

It’s where I share my own home and inspiration from others, for how I try to live a more beautiful and happy life at home, and make the everyday more special.  This involves plenty of flowers and botanicals, scented candles, a good dose of blue and white, and home decor that has been crafted, collected and curated.

Hydrangea Lane Home Instagram

If you already follow @diydecorator on Instagram, you will automatically be following @hydrangealanehome, so you will still see all the photos I create.  Please don’t be shy to say hello.  I love chatting with like minded people on social media – it’s social!

Blue Hydrangea Lane Home

This is the profile picture you will see.  Some watercolour blue hydrangeas that I had commissioned especially for Hydrangea Lane Home.

Hydrangea Lane Home Pinterest

If you follow DIY Decorator on Pinterest, you will automatically follow Hydrangea Lane Home.  I have cleaned up all the Pinterest Boards so they are filled with inspiring images to help you live a beautiful life at home.

Hydrangea Lane Home Pinterest

Hydrangea Lane Home on Facebook

Now unfortunately if you follow DIY Decorator on Facebook, you will not automatically follow Hydrangea Lane Home.  You see, where you can just change your name on Instagram and Pinterest, Facebook aren’t so keen on name changes, so if you want to see Hydrangea Lane Home’s posts, you will need to go and like the Hydrangea Lane Home Facebook Page

Hydrangea Lane Home Facebook Page

Hydrangea Lane Home Website

I am currently working on creating a beautiful website for you to enjoy.  Building websites takes time, so it will be a little while before it’s ready.  If you want to be the first to know when the website is up and running – well it’s ready NOW. Come and Visit Hydrangea Lane Home

Hydrangea Garden

Hydrangea garden in Nantucket taken by Lindsay Lane Design

I’m very excited to be working on Hydrangea Lane Home.  It started as a small idea in my head back in January, and it’s so nice to see it gradually come to life.  I can’t tell you exactly what’s in store, but just imagine you are walking down the garden lane above, with hydrangeas and roses either side, and as you approach the door your heart skips a beat as you imagine what’s inside.