You know we have a thing for trays, and we have found some great DIY Tray ideas that we want to share with you.

Chalkboard Tray DIY

This great chalkboard party tray was made by Shanty 2 Chic.  It’s simply a piece of timber painted with chalkboard paint and drawer pulls are attached as handles.  Chalkboard paint available from Bunnings.  Selection of drawer pulls available from Early Settler.


Tray with feet

Martha Stewart came up with this great idea.  Paint a plain tray in your colour of choice and add drawer pulls to the bottom to serve as tray feet.  Drawer Pull selection available from Marina Isles.


Acrylic Tray DIY

Acrylic trays are on trend right now, but why not customise your tray by lining it with some pretty paper secured with some double sided tape.  This gold paper tray was decorated by House of Earnest.  Plain acrylic tray from Country Road.  Pretty patterned paper available from Specklefarm.  This idea would also work well with a glossy white tray available from Kmart.  For added protection you could spray the paper with sealer or mod podge (decoupage glue).

DIY Bar Tray

How great is this DIY Bar Cart from Honestly Yum.  She added brass corners and a drawer pull to a plain rectangular tray and then styled it ever so beautifully.  You will find a full tutorial on her blog.  Brass corners available from Bunnings.  Brass drawer pull available from Early Settler.

DIY Watermelon Tray

This fantastic watermelon tray was made by Oh So Beautiful Paper .  If you’re handy with a paint brush you can create something similar.  See the full tutorial on the web site.

We hope you give one of these DIY trays a go.  We’d love to see what you do.  Don’t forget to send us a pictures via email, Facebook or Instagram.