Quotes are inspirational.  They can remind us to be grateful for the little things, appreciate what we have or give us direction.  Why not print you favourite quote and display it?  Today we will show you how to create your own simple printable quote or we have found some great ready made ones to buy.

Quote print on watercolour background

DIY Pintable Quote

What You Need

  • A4 premium paper or card – I used 210gram white paper/card
  • A quote that resonates with you
  • A font you like – I used Hirondelle
  • A computer & printer
  • A frame or chipboard – I used Masonite clipboard from Kmart
  • Optional – Watercolour paint for background – I used Montmartre 350 Cobalt Blue

What to Do

Create your print in Word or PicMonkey.  In Word, open a blank A4 page.  Type your quote.  Select the font style and size you want.  Choose how you want to align the text.  Print a draft copy and play with it until you get it looking the way you want.

In PicMonkey you need to choose Design, then set the image size to A4 in pixels which is 2480 x 3408.  Then add you text and style it.

watercolour printable quote

Background – I chose to paint my paper with a swash of water colour paint before printing.  I just mixed some cobalt blue watercolour paint with water and used a round brush to make a swash in a side to side motion.  Let it dry thoroughly before you print.  Don’t paint the swash on top of the printable quote if you used an ink jet printer or the ink will run.

watercolour sample 2

To see how my print would look on the watercolour background before I printed it, place a draft copy of the print on top of the watercolour paper and hold it up to the light (a window) so you can see how the print will look on the background when you print directly onto the paper.

Once you print your quote and the ink has dried, frame it up or clip it to a clipboard and display it in your home.  I chose Create a Beautiful Life, as that’s our motto here at DIY Decorator.  I’ve displayed it on the picture shelf in my office so I can see it while I work.

watercolour printable quote

Other Ideas:

  • Try mixing different font styles and sizes.
  • You can add image files as backgrounds, and create the text over the top

Where to Find Fonts:

If you like my Create a beautiful life quote, you can download it as a pdf – Create a Beautiful Life PDF

watercolour printable quote

Ready Made Quote Prints

Here are some ready made quotes we have found that you may like.

Ready made quote prints

Tres Chic quote print from The Love Shop on Etsy   |   Home is wherever custom print from My Sweet Prints   |   Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful print from Sophie Lous Prints on Etsy   |   Bloom Where you are Planted foil print from Written by Brittany on Etsy   |   Coco Chanel Quote print from The Lovely Ink Co on Etsy   |   Let the Sea Set you Free quote from Kirtsen & Co

So whether you buy or DIY, having an inspirational quote on display may be just the thing you need to bring a smile to your face, and add unique character to your home.

Watercolour print quote

DIY Printable Quote