I was one of the many houses in Brisbane that lost all internet connection this week, which was actually a good thing as I got a lot done around the house, but there were moments when I sat at my desk unable to do much on the computer.  I opened my stationery drawer, and started fiddling with paperclips.  I remembered seeing some great paperclip ideas on pinterest, so now my internet’s back, I thought I’d share them with you.  Here are some fun ways to create your own DIY paperclips in various shapes.

DIY heart paperclips

DIY Heart paper clips tutorial – You Tube

DIY clothes hanger paperclip

How cute are these little coat hanger made from paper clips – see the tutorial here.

DIY Angel paperclip

For some Christmas fun in the office you could try making these Angel paperclip – see tutorial here.  You will need butterfly paperclips for this project which are available at Officeworks.

DIY paperclip flags

These paperclip flags using washi tape are so cute and easy to make – see tutorial at Paper & Pin.

Kate Spade bow paperclips

Of course if you don’t want to DIY, you can always buy these ready made Kate Spade bow paperclips from The Gilded Pear.

Using decorative paperclips might be decorating on a micro level, but I think it’s the little touches that make a difference, and if it makes you smile then it’s worth it.

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