Today we have an easy paper Easter egg project to make.  I used some pretty paper and cards that I already had in my cupboard.  I loved mixing up the different coloured papers to make the eggs.

Paper easter eggs

What you will need

  • Easter Egg Template (Via pinterest)
  • Pretty paper or old cards.
  • Tree branch
  • Vase
  • Tissue paper to stabilise the branches in your vase.
  • Scissors, tape, pencil
  • Sewing machine

Cut out your egg template on a piece of cardboard.  Trace around the template onto the back of the paper you are using.

Paper easter eggs

How to put your egg together

Using three of the paper egg shapes, mix up your colour and patterns and hold together.  Fold the top egg in half so you have a line down the centre.  This will guide you on where to sew.

Slip the paper shape egg into your sewing machine and sew a line directly down the middle.  Keep the cotton at the top of the egg so you can attach it to the branch.  You can trim the cotton from the bottom of the egg.

paper easter eggs

Open up each egg and fold down the paper to form your hanging egg.

Paper Easter eggs

How to use them

You can use tree branches from the garden to hang your eggs on.  I have used these beautiful blossom branches from Provincial Home Living.

paper Easter Eggs

Paper Easter eggs

Attach your eggs to your branches with some sticky tape.

Paper Easter Eggs

This is a really quick and easy project, the fun is putting the colours together and the different combinations you can make with the papers.

My Easter tree is proudly sitting in the entrance to my home.  Some very easy Easter decorating done.

easter decorations