DIY light fittings have come a long way since all you could buy were those frosted glass balls.  There is now a wide range of DIY light fittings to choose from.

White DIY Lights


Black Shade DIY Lights

DIY Decorator Sourcebook

1.   Geneve DIY Chandelier from Beacon Lighting

2.   Liteworks Tyson Batten Fix Light from Masters

3.   Maddox DIY Light clear from Masters

4.   Fuji Drum Light from Oz Lighting

5.   Zhalia faux silk batten fix light from Bunnings

6.   Marietta chrome batten fix light from Bunnings

7.   Oriel Kensington DIY Lampshade from Oz Lighting

8.   Mercator luxury DIY light fitting from Oz Lighting

If you’re renting or on a budget, DIY light fittings are a great way to quickly change the look and feel of your room.  Most DIY light fittings are batten fix which means you can install them on any batten and globe fitting.  You just unscrew the batten and remove the light globe and any existing light fitting.  Then place the new light fitting in place and screw the batten back on to hold the light fitting in place. Replace the light bulb and tighten any fitting screws and you’re done.

DIY Batten Light Fittings

DIY light fittings are budget friendly.  Most fittings are under $100 and you do not need to pay an electrician to install them.  They are perfect for renters as you can remove them and take them with you wen you go.