Today I am going to share how to make a simple garden path for your home.  We have added this path up the side our our house and a path leading to the front door.  Follow these simple steps to add the finishing touches to your own home.

DIY Gardenpath

What you will need:

  • Pavers
  • Dromana toppings
  • Pink builders string
  • Rubber malet
  • Wood for smoothing toppings
  • Whacker (vibrating plate).
  • Wheelbarrow/Bobcat

DIY Garden path

With any DIY project, it all starts with measuring out the length of your path and dividing up your pavers with how big of a space you need between them.  Once you have calculated this amount order your pavers and toppings accordingly.

It is really important to mark out your path with string to use as a guide to lay your pavers so they are straight.

DIY Garden path

  1. Lay pavers using your pink string as a guide to create a straight line.  Once you have lay down the paver in the toppings, use your mallet to help you guide your paver into place.
  2. Place more toppings over the path to spread around your pavers.
  3. Smooth the toppings out around your pavers so they are now sunk into the path.
  4. Continue laying your garden path.

DIY Garden path

You can hire a whacker (vibrating plate) from any hardware hire store.  Water your path lightly before you use the whacker on the toppings, repeat up to three times with water and whacking.  Be careful not to use too much water so as your whacker doesn’t get bogged in the toppings.

The whacker comes with a rubber bottom so your pavers will not be damaged.

DIY Garden path

Now is the perfect time of year to prepare your home and garden for the colder months.  Do you have a DIY garden project you want to share with us?  Tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

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DIY Simple Garden Path