Today we are celebrating the beginning of Spring with this simple flower napkin ring tutorial.

DIY Napkin Gloral Tutorial

What you will need

Gold rings, florist tape, flowers and scissors.  I purchased the gold rings and florist tape from Spotlight.  Use flowers from your garden or local florist.  Many stores have a stunning range of faux flowers you can use instead of fresh flowers.

flower napkin ring


Cut your flowers leaving about three centimetres of length on them, you can trim this later if you need to.  Having the extra length from your flower will help you secure the flower to the ring with the floral tape.

Flower napkin ring

How to attach the flowers

Place your flower on the right side of the ring and work back to the left side, place each flower with the stalk along the gold ring, wrap and secure the flower with the floral tape.

DIY flower napkin ring

For this napkin ring I have used a small pink rose and white daisy, play around with your flowers to see what looks best, or make each one different.  Use greenery from your garden, such as pittosporum, boxwood, any hedging plants.

flower napkin ring

The flower napkin rings are an easy DIY project, and will make your table setting look beautiful for entertaining at home.  Each season will give you a different look depending on what flowers are available.  If your looking to make some cloth napkins for your new gorgeous napkin rings, we have a simple sewing tutorial on DIY Decorator.

flower napkin rings