Today I’m going to show you how to sew some very easy dinner napkins with mitered corners and finishing off with a simple stitch around the edging of the napkin.  This is a very easy sewing tutorial to make your table setting look beautiful for entertaining at home.

How to make napkins



How to make napkins

1. To start your napkin project you will need fabric, I have bought some beautiful new fabric from Treehouse Textiles to mix with some fabric I already had, scissors, a pencil, pins, a quilt n’ sew ruler, iron and your sewing machine.

2.  Cut your fabric into 18 inch squares and mark one inch in of each corner on the wrong side of the fabric.

3.  Fold up your corner edge to the edge of your one inch square that you have marked out.  As you fold each corner, then press in place with your iron.

4.  Fold over your corner edge again to the corner you have marked out.  Fold all four corners.

how to make napkins

5.  Fold and press each edge up another 1/2 inch.  Repeat for all four corners of your napkin.

6.  I have inserted a pin diagonally through the corner square I have marked on the napkin.   Fold and press each edge up another 1/2 inch so that the corner lines up at a diagonal with the pin you have put in place, pressing your edges of the napkin as you go. Adjust the sides and press well together so that the corners align with one another.  You can pin your edges in place ready for sewing.

7.   Working on the right side of your fabric napkin, place the napkin in the sewing machine and topstitch 1/4″ from the edge of the napkin and stitch all four sides.  Leave the needle in your napkin when turning a corner so as to keep your stitching in place.  Continue on all four sides of the napkin until finished.

8.  Once you have completed your first napkin, you will have no trouble sewing many more in half the time.

how to make napkins


How to make napkins

This is a simple sewing project and a great way to use up your fabric remnants, or to buy more gorgeous fabrics to make a beautiful table setting to entertain your family and friends.

Easy to Sew Napkins

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