Make entertaining a breeze with these easy to make DIY Cutlery Envelopes.  These simple envelopes hold everything your guest needs to eat their meal.  They are great for parties, picnics, or just casual fining with friends and family.

DIY Cutlery Envelopes Finished

What You Need:

DIY Cutlery Envelopes

  • DL size envelope – I used Recycled DL envelopes are from Officeworks
  • Ribbon of your choice – I used Baker’s twine from Kosh & Co
  • You will also need a computer with word processing software and an inkjet or laser printer

How to Create Cutlery Envelopes

Step 1 – Set up Your Envelope in Word

Open a blank document in your word-processing software.  I used Word on a Mac.

DIY Cutlery Envelopes Screen Shot 1

Click File > Page Setup > Paper Size > Select Envelope DL

Choose Vertical Orientation

Step 2 – Create Your Text or Image

DIY Cutlery Envelopes Screen shot 2

Add your text or image to the document > select centre orientation

Select your font – I used American Typewriter

Select your font – I used 85

Hit the Enter/Return button to move your text or image toward the bottom of the envelope

Step 3 – Print Your Envelope

Follow your printer’s instructions to load the envelopes into the printer.  It doesn’t matter if the seal is on the left or right, just make sure that the print is on the front of the envelope.

Print as many envelopes as you’ll need.

Step 4 – Cut Down the Envelope

Seal your envelope.

Now you need to create an opening at the top of the envelope to slip the napkin and cutlery inside.

Lay your cutlery down on the envelope and cut across at the point where the handle of the cutlery ends.  You want the head of the fork, spoon or knife to be above the edge of the envelope.

I cut my envelope 10cm/4″ from the bottom.

DIY Cutlery Envelopes recycled

Step 5 – Fill Your Cutlery Envelope

Now fill your envelope with anything your guests will need:

  • a napkin, folded
  • a straw
  • a knife, fork or spoon
  • salt & pepper sachets

DIY Cutlery Envelopes Filled

You can decorate your cutlery envelope by adding ribbon or twine around it.  I wrapped bakers twine around twice and tied it in a small bow off-centre.

You could also pop a fresh flower inside the envelope just before your guests arrive.  A sprig of rosemary also works well.

Pop all your envelopes in a tub or basket and place them on your serving table so guests can simply grab an envelope as they get their food.

DIY Cutlery Envelopes in basket


DIY Cutlery Envelopes Finished 2

Create your own unique envelopes by using different coloured envelopes and fonts or images.  The possibilities are endless.

DIY Cutlery Envelopes Pinnable