Just when I thought my Christmas decorating was done, I decided to create another Christmas themed wreath.  You can never have too many wreaths.  I love my Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce wreath downstairs, but needed a little something upstairs.  So here’s my quick and easy DIY Conifer Christmas wreath.

The Wreath Before

The wreath is a plain white rattan wreath that I bought a while ago.  It just hangs on the outside wall of the house on the front verandah.

I think it needed a Christmas touch, to bring a bit of Christmas to the deck.  If you want to see how it looked last Christmas, see Christmas Wreath Showcase.

DIY Conifer Wreath Supplies

This is a quick and easy DIY project that took about 10 minutes to complete and only needed a few supplies.

To make this wreath I used:

  • white wicker wreath (purchased last year from Choice discount shop)
  • Conifer cuttings from my garden
  • a pinecone collected from the park
  • some wire to tie around the pine cone
  • white Christmas tree ribbon $2 from Overflow discount store

I tied a little bit of wire around the top of the pine cone, and twisted it to form a loop.  Then I slipped the white ribbon through the wire loop.

I slipped the conifer branches in between the rattan.  You could also use wire to attach the branches to your wreath.  Then I tied the ribbon with the pinecone around the top of the wreath.

The Finished Wreath

Here’s how the wreath turned out.

I’m really happy with it.  I think I might try a gum leaf or eucalyptus version for Australia Day.

If you’re after a quick Christmas DIY, grab a plain wreath and search your garden for some foliage.  It’s that easy.