DIY Christmas Wreath Showcase

Nothing says “holiday spirit” quite like a beautifully adorned Christmas wreath hanging on your front door. But why stop there? With a little creativity and a few festive touches, you can extend the joy of the season throughout your home with a DIY Christmas wreath showcase. In this guide, we’ll explore how to craft stunning wreaths for various spaces in your home, from the classic front door display to unexpected nooks and corners. Get ready to spread holiday cheer from every corner with these festive DIY projects!

DIY Christmas Wreath Showcase
DIY Christmas Wreath Showcase

I love Christmas wreaths, but I don’t know how to hang them. Our front door has a mix of wood and glass panels. It’s easier to just leave it alone and find an alternative for the wreath.

As luck would have me, I do!

For the last couple of years, I have used my Christmas Wreath to decorate a table. Today I will show you how to do it yourself.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a great crafter. This project is so simple and quick, that I think anyone could do it.

If you’re experiencing craft anxiety, I’ve heard that sipping on bubbles will help to ease tension. So, give it a shot and see what happens.

How to Make a Christmas Wreath Centerpiece

You will need:

1. A wreath I went for the traditional look but you can choose any wreath that suits your style.

2. Candle Choose any candle that you want, but ensure it is wide enough and tall enough to fit in the center of the wreath. (In keeping with the theme for Christmas, I used a Molton Brown Holiday Frankincense & Allspice One Wick Candle).

3. You can use any cup and saucer you already have. You can find out more about my favourite set in this post: Five Fun Things: Homewares edition.

How to Make your Christmas wreath centrepiece

1. Turn your saucer upside down.

2. Place the saucer in the middle.

3. Place the candle on the saucer, and BAM! You’re done.

4. Decorate the table as you wish.

Classic Front Door Wreath

Classic Front Door Wreath
Classic Front Door Wreath

Let’s start with the classic: the front door wreath. Begin by selecting a wreath base—whether it’s a pre-made evergreen wreath or a wireframe to build your own. Next, gather an assortment of holiday greenery such as pine branches, cedar sprigs, and holly leaves. Secure the greenery to the wreath base using floral wire or hot glue, layering different textures and colours for a lush and dimensional look.

Once your greenery is in place, add festive accents like pinecones, berries, and ornaments. Get creative with ribbons, bows, and seasonal embellishments to customize your wreath to suit your style and decor theme. Finally, hang your masterpiece on the front door using a wreath hanger or sturdy hook, and prepare to welcome guests with a warm and festive greeting.

Mantel Wreath Garland

Mantel Wreath Garland 
Mantel Wreath Garland

Transform your fireplace mantel into a holiday focal point with a wreath garland. Start by measuring the length of your mantel and selecting a garland that fits comfortably. If you prefer a DIY approach, create your own garland using evergreen branches, garland wire, and floral tape.

Once you have your garland in place, strategically place small wreaths along its length to add visual interest and symmetry. Decorate each wreath with coordinating accents like ornaments, bows, and faux berries. For an extra touch of magic, weave string lights throughout the garland to create a warm and inviting glow.

As a finishing touch, add candles, nutcrackers, or other holiday decor elements to complement your wreath garland and create a cohesive look on your mantel. Whether you’re cozying up by the fire or hosting a festive gathering, your mantel wreath garland will set the stage for holiday memories to be made.

Kitchen Cabinet Wreath Trio

Bring holiday cheer to your kitchen with a trio of wreaths adorning your cabinet doors. Begin by measuring the dimensions of your cabinet doors and selecting wreaths that fit comfortably without obstructing the handles or hinges. Opt for smaller wreaths to maintain functionality while adding festive flair to your kitchen decor.

Hang one wreath on each cabinet door using removable adhesive hooks or ribbon loops for easy installation and removal. Coordinate the wreaths with your kitchen colour scheme and decor theme, whether it’s traditional red and green or modern metallics and neutrals.

Enhance the charm of your kitchen wreath trio with additional accents such as mini ornaments, cinnamon sticks, or faux berries. Consider incorporating kitchen-themed elements like miniature utensils, cookie cutters, or gingerbread decorations for added whimsy and personality.

Whether you’re prepping holiday meals or simply enjoying a cup of cocoa, your kitchen cabinet wreath trio will infuse your space with festive spirit and make every moment feel merry and bright.

Window Wreath Display

Window Wreath Display 
Window Wreath Display

Brighten up your windows with a whimsical wreath display that welcomes the season into your home. Begin by selecting wreaths that fit the dimensions of your windows, opting for smaller sizes that won’t obstruct natural light or views.

Hang one wreath in the centre of each window using suction cup hooks or ribbon loops attached to tension rods. Coordinate the wreaths with your window treatments and decor style, whether it’s traditional curtains, blinds, or sheer panels.

Enhance the charm of your window wreath display with additional accents such as snowflake ornaments, twinkle lights, or faux snowflakes. Consider incorporating natural elements like pinecones, birch branches, or evergreen sprigs for an organic and festive touch.

As daylight fades, your window wreath display will create a cozy and inviting ambience, casting a warm glow that beckons passersby to pause and admire the beauty of the season.


With these creative DIY Christmas wreath showcase ideas, you can spread holiday cheer throughout your home and infuse every corner with festive spirit. Whether you’re greeting guests at the front door, cozying up by the fireplace, prepping meals in the kitchen, or enjoying the view from your windows, these wreath displays will elevate your decor and create memorable moments all season long. Get ready to deck the halls and make your home merry and bright with these charming and festive accents!

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