Today I’m going to let you in on a little styling trick that photographers and stylists use – decorating with San Pellegrino bottles.  That’s right, the Italian mineral water in the green bottles you buy from the supermarket is a stylist’s best friend when it comes to decorating kitchens and bars.  Take a look:

san pellegrino decorating

Image: Caitlin Wilson’s kitchen in Rue Magazine

San Pellegrino

Image Left: SF Girl by Bay   |   Image Right: via Decor Pad

san pellegrino decorating kitchen

Image: O’Brien Harris

There is something magical that comes from a neatly arranged line of San Pellegrino bottles.  It’s the pop of green that they bring to the room.  The same way stylists often use fresh flowers or indoor plants to add an element of nature and green to a room, you can use San Pellegrino bottles to add a similar effect.  These bottles of Itlalian sparkling water are modern style icons with their combination of green glass and pale blue labels.  They’re inexpensive to buy, won’t wilt in a week, and you can always drink it.

San Pellegrino Styling

Image Top:   Live Creating Yourself   |   Image Bottom:   Made By Girl

Here are some tips for decorating with San Pellegrino bottles:

  • A trio of 3 bottles displayed together works well, or use uniform rows of bottles.
  • Balance the green with another green element in the display such as the potted orchid or display of apples above.
  • Use empty bottles to hold candles or use them as a vase for fresh flowers

So on your next trip to the supermarket look out for San Pellegrino bottles (or another brand of green coloured bottles) that you can use to add a pop of colour to your decorating scheme.