Beautiful curtains are an easy way to finish off the decor of your room. Whether you are using sheers, linen or silk panels, curtains can make your room decor complete and can soften the look of a window.   If custom made curtains aren’t quite in your budget just yet, we have some easy tips on how to decorate with ready hang curtains and where to buy them from.


Image: Pottery Barn

Measure your window correctly.

You should traditionally be looking at 2 to 2½ times the width of the window for the fullness of the drapes.  For accurate measurements, use a metal tape and make sure your tape measure is level.  If you do not have a rod installed, you need to decide the exact position of your rod and take your measurements from the curtain rod and not the window.

To determine the minimum necessary panel length (not including tabs or rings), measure from the floor to just above the window casing. Use this measurement when purchasing curtain panels. After you buy curtain panels, mount the rod to match panel length — rather than the other way around as you would for custom-made panels.


Image: Freedom

Fullness of your curtains

Sometimes adding two panels on each side of your window will give it a more full look, wrinkled curtains can look messy and it can be a good idea to iron out the creases in your curtains to give a more polished appearance to your room.  Also, think about the style of the rod and finial and how it looks with the curtain style you are using.  Ready made curtains should be mounted outside the window frame, either on the top window architrave or on the wall above the window.  You can find some more advice from Freedom on how to measure your windows for ready hang curtains.


Image: Ezibuy

I love these ready made curtain panels in fresh colors from Ezybuy, and they come in two sizes, small 145W x 243Hcm per drop and large 280W x 274Hcm per drop.  With this length you can hang your curtains above the window to create a more formal and spacious room.


Image: Whiteport

The beauty of linen is it not only looks good but is incredibly durable and versatile. These curtains from Whiteport are made from 100% pure linen and are available in two neutral colours; ivory and natural linen which can bring a relaxing charm to your home.


Image: Laura Ashley

You can use bold colors and dramatic patterns to dress your windows, especially in rooms where the paint, furniture and flooring colors are neutral. If you would like the windows to blend into the walls, use similar neutral colours or add deep rich colors to make a larger area appear a more intimate space, while neutral or pastel colours will visually enlarge the area.  What I love about ready hang curtains is they give you a sense of freedom to change colour or pattern to your room when you feel the need for a change.