Create a pretty and elegant room by adding a small floral feature.  You can combine a variety of patterns, styles and textures incorporating florals into your home with a simple cushion or fabric covered lamp.  Don’t forget you can vary the size and shape of your cushions on your sofa or bed.

floral interiors10

 Image from The Paper Mulberry

A simple vase of beautiful blooms from the local florist or your garden can change the appearance and feel of your living room.

floral interiors1

Image The Nest

  Create a wall display with a floral arrangement, this will certainly add interest to your room, or hang a group of old floral vintage plates together.

floral interiors3

Image Daily Mail UK

Decorating your home is a continuous work in progress, recover an old chair in vintage floral fabric or layer a plain coloured sofa with a few floral designed cushions, you can buy ready made or sew your own for some instant vintage chic.

floral interiors7

 Image from The Vintage Table

Add beautiful floral artwork or prints to your wall.  A subtle floral wallpaper can provide a calming feel, when you are choosing a pattern don’t forget to consider the size of the room and the scale of the wallpaper pattern, or fill a simple shelf with floral vintage teacups.  Using floral patterns in your home can be a fun and creative way to update any room and add some warmth to your home for the cooler months.