Blue and white decorating is very popular with our readers, so when I decided to write about decorating with blue & white, I knew exactly who to go to for expert advice.  Botticelli House.  Di from Botticelli House is the queen of blue and white china, so here are her tips for decorating with blue & white.

decorating with blue and white Botticelli House

1.   Pattern & Colour

When decorating a console or vignette, we choose china or porcelain which can be grouped together by pattern and shade of blue. Although it always looks aesthetically better to group like colours together, sometimes this isn’t always possible . In such cases, we separate the different shades of blue with something else in between them such as a piece of coral on a book, vase of flowers or another item which breaks the flow and allows each piece to hold its own.

decorating with blue and white - Botticelli House

2.   Size & Shape

Variation of sizes and shapes work well together. We always choose a key piece as the starting/central point and work around this piece. When standing back to observe the display, your eye should zigzag left to right and up and down taking in the various heights and placements of items, rather than focusing on one hot spot! Be sure to stand back and check the spacing between items also. Too much space between items can leave the vignette looking scattered and not enough space can leave it looking too cluttered.

Decorating with Blue and white - Botticelli House

3.   Add flowers

We frequently use ginger jars as vases and normally place the lid close by to it (usually off to the side, never directly in front). Using pops of pink or white flowers contrasts beautifully with blue.

decorating blue and white - BotticelliHouse

4.   Add China Plates

China plates are used as wall statements or positioned upright when styled on a consol or table. They provide interest to a vignette and necessary when achieving varying heights.

decorating with blue and white - Botticelli House

5.   Add Books

Books are used frequently as uppers for smaller statement pieces that way they don’t disappear into the mix of bigger statement pieces. Again, varying heights of books keeps a vignette looking interesting to the eye!

decorating with blue and white - Botticelli House

6.   Mix It Up

Botticelli House mix a variety of expensive and more affordable jars and china together to give a whole cohesive look of elegance that appeals to all budgets.

decorating with blue and white - Botticelli House

7.   Tell a Story

We always like to tell a story through each styled presentation. It could be an elegant table setting showcasing a beautiful collection of China plates for a special evening of entertaining or a hallway console table displaying a collection of ginger jars and trinkets simply for show. Other items such as shells or silver wear work in well giving each vignette a unique look. 

A final word from Botticelli House…

Styling a vignette beautifully can be achieved by anyone. There is so much inspiration out there to help get you started. Take your time in trying different placements of your favourite pieces and before you know it, your vignette will have taken shape.

blue and white decorating

Thanks to Botticelli House for sharing their blue and white decorating tips with DIY Decorator readers.  All images used in this story are from Botticelli House.  To buy blue and white china and many of the other items in these photos visit Botticelli House –

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