Blue and white china.  A classic timeless decorating trend that is back, but never really went away.  Blue and white china is porcelain or ceramics that have been decorated with a cobalt blue pigment, then glazed.  There are several types of blue and white china ranging from original Chinese pieces from as early as the 9th century, modern replicas of Chinese pieces, Delftware from the Netherlands, and Chinoiserie from England.


Alfresco Dynasty Collection

Dynasty collection from Alfresco Emporium

Here are some tips for decorating with blue and white china, and retailers selling collections.  Blue and white china looks effective when it it is clustered together as a collection, such as here in this display from Alfresco Emporium.  Mix different shapes and heights to create an interesting display.

Alfresco collection

Use blue and white china with white flowers and greenery such as this display by Botticelli House.


Blue and white china works well with a nautical accents such as coral and shells in this display by Alfresco Emporium


To add some colour to your blue and white collection, try adding pretty soft pink flowers.  This photo of a pretty pink camellia on a blue and white willow plate was taken by DIY Decorator reader @reddoorcottage on instagram.


DIY Decorator – Where to Buy Blue & White China

Here’s where you can find a good selection of blue and white china.  From ginger jars to lamp bases, these retailers have it all.

LCA Blue and white group

Blue and white ceramics exclusive to Lady Chatterley’s Affair

Ceramics_Early SettlerBlue & White china from Early Settler

Orient House

Blue & White china from Orient House

Peter Baker Finch

Blue & White china from Peter Baker Finch



Blue & White china from Freedom

Hamptons Style Collage


Blue & White china from Hamptons Style

 Botticelli House Collection

Blue & White china from Botticelli House


Blue & White china Dynasty Collection by Alfresco Emporium 

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