Have you ever noticed that in nearly every beautiful magazine photo there is some greenery – either a plant or flowers?  Well that’s because it’s one of the decorating secrets – add greenery to a room for softness and a touch of nature.

Greenery in Living Area

Images left from House to Home, right from Yahoo Home Beautiful

Now just do a little experiment.  Place your fingers on the screen to cover up the greenery that has been placed in the room.  See the change?  The room is lacking something without the inclusion of the greenery.  So when decorating your own home it’s important to include some greenery in the decor scheme.

Greenery in Sitting Room

Image left from Coco Republic, image right from House Beautiful

When they take photos for magazines and catalogues there are nearly always some fresh flowers or greenery in the shot.  If you’re budget won’t stretch to filling your house with fresh flowers every week, or you don’t have a green thumb and will most likely kill a real plant, don’t worry, there are plenty of good quality artificial flowers and plants on the market now.

Artificial plants

DIY Decorator Sourcebook

1.   Boxwood topiary in pot from Pillow Talk

2.   Succulent in cement pot from Typo

3.   Gilbert flower in jar from Earthborn

4.  White orchid in pot from Target

5.   Herbs in Pots from Pillow Talk

6.   Agave on pot from Target

7.   Hydrangeas in milk bottle vase from Earthborn

Provincial Home Living Artificial Flowers

All of these realistic looking artificial plants are available from Provincial Home Living

Whether you choose real or artificial plants, add some greenery to your home and see the difference it makes.