Decorating with birds has always been popular, and now more than ever there are so many pretty bird decor items available.  Here we show you some different ways you can decorate with birds.

White bird under cloche decor

Inspirational image from Moastidrom Blog

1.  Set of 2 love bird ornaments from Wayfair

2.  Dome bell jar from Provincial Home Living

Bird cage fairy lights decor

Inspirational picture from Show Home Blog

3.   Set of 2 metal bird cages from Cosy Nest

4.   Battery operated fairy lights from The Fairy Light Company

5.   Antique style pillar canule holders from Cosy Nest

Bird nest cloche decor

Inspirational picture from Hymns & Verses Blog

6.   Small Avignon lead bird from Provincial Home Living

7.   Round grapevine birds nest with eggs from Cosy Nest

8.   Glass display dome on chunky wood base from French Knot

White birds

9.   Wall Swallow from  Robert Gordon

10.   Ceramic white feather from Dear September

11.   Ceramic LED night light from Raw Space