Decor Coaching is now available at DIY Decorator.  For a long time, I have received emails asking if I offer an interior design service.  Although I am a qualified interior designer, and used to run my own interior design practice, I’ve been reluctant to offer that sort of service again.

Decor Coaching Help

You see I honestly believe your home will mean so much more to you and bring you more happiness if you are involved in decorating it.  But I understand that sometimes the process of decorating can be frustrating and there are so many choices to make, and that is something I can help you with.

Decor Coaching help

So if you need some help decorating your home, or you just want help with a couple of questions, decor coaching may just be the solution you are looking for.

To learn all about decor coaching and what I offer


If you’ve already read about decor coaching but still aren’t sure, here are 10 reasons why decor coaching can work for you:

♥   Your home should reflect who you are and how you live.  Create each room with meaning and purpose to suit your lifestyle and daily routines.

♥   Your home should be personal to you.  It isn’t about following trends or trying to impress others.  Keep it real and true to you so you can be happy living there.

♥   Decorating a home requires us to make many choices and decisions.  When you have a plan to turn your dream vision into a reality, the decisions become easier and you are able to create an authentic home you love living in.

♥   The decorating process becomes more enjoyable when you think of it as your own personal decorating journey.  You feel an emotional connection to your home.

♥   Create your own signature style that is collected and curated over time.

♥   Creating a home you love takes time.  Enjoy the satisfaction from each small change and step you make along the way.

♥   It’s the finishing touches that take a room from good to GREAT

♥   Surround yourself with beautiful things you actually use and love and it will make everyday life more enjoyable.

♥   Creating your vision on a budget is totally achievable

♥   No home is perfect.  There will always be things about a home you just have to live with.  It’s about making the right choices, and making the most of what you have.

Create a home you'll love