Kerrie brown news and freedom chair


Renowned designer and Academy Award nominated set decorator Kerrie Brown has a beautiful range of dramatic soft furnishings in her collection.

Kerrie has 25 years cinematic experience as a set decorator on acclaimed international productions, the Kerrie Brown design studio has created a limited edition range of soft furnishings, lamp shades, window blinds, and printed furniture that mix a modern aesthetic, a luminous colour palette and Kerrie’s passion for the art and design of centuries passed.

Kerrie’s beautiful cushions will add style and glamour to any sofa or occasional chair, to create a beautiful living space.  Kerrie’s homewares are designed and manufactured in Australia.

1.  Danish wing Occasional chair from Freedom Furniture.

2.  Chinoiserie Tangerine cushion from here.

3.  Dizzy Lizzy cushion from here.

4.  Colour Crash Toile in pastel cushion from here.

5.  Colour Crash Pink Totem cushion from here.

6.  Chinoiserie Mexican Pink cushion from here.