Cushion styling for the Sofa – Cushions are like jewellery or accessories for your home.  They add colour, texture or depth.  Learn how to put together a collection of cushions for your sofa by following these simple guidelines.

Colour – Cushion colours can either compliment or contrast with the other colours in your room.  Pick out colours from your rug, walls, artwork or decorator pieces and either choose complimentary colours for your cushions which gives the room rhythm and harmony or choose contrasting colours so the cushions become focal points or accents.

Colourful cushions sofa

 Cushions on my sofa from Ada & Darcy and navy souk cushions from Adorn Homewares.

Pattern – Cushions are a great way to experiment with pattern.  You can afford to take risks with cushion colours and patterns as they can easily be changed.  Mix plain or textured fabrics with patterns.  Mix up the scale of patterns you use, so if you have bold wide stripes mix it with a small geometric or floral pattern.  Balance bold and busy prints with smaller more delicate patterns.

Cushion Styling Patterns

Main picture from Laura Ashley.  Cushions from left to right – black & white check cushion from The White Shed, black & white trellis cushion from Habitat Home Collection,  black & white zig zag cushion from Freedom Furniture.

Texture – Choose interesting textures especially if you are using a neutral or monochromatic scheme.

Cushion Styling TextureMain picture Laura Ashley.  Spotty embroidered cushion from Shop Inside, round pleated cushion from The Linen Room,  pearl cushion from Manchester Warehouse, fur cushion from Adairs.

Size & Shape – How many cushions should you have and what shape should they be?  You can mix different size and shape cushions – squares, rectangles, circle, bolster or unusual shaped cushions.  The most common square cushion sizes are 40-55cm.  Have the larger cushions at the back and on the outside edges and have smaller cushions in front.

Sofa cushion arrangement

Examples of cushion arrangements – symmetry from Restoration Hardware with one rectangular cushion to create interest and so it’s not too match-matchy, and mixed sizes and shapes from Laura Ashley are held together by a mutual colour.

Seasonal – Cushions are a great way to quickly change the look and feel of your room.  Consider having two sets of cushions to give the room a different feel during the warmer and cooler months of the year.

Seasonal Cushion StylingCushions – Winter from Abode Living, Summer from Pillow Talk, Easter from Pottery Barn, Whimsical from Country Road.

Shopping Tips – When shopping for cushions, lay them out in the aisle so you can see how they’ll look together.  If you’re trying to match colours with some existing decor in your room take it or a paint colour swatch with you.

We’ll be back with some more tips on how to arrange the cushion collection you’ve created.