Cushions and pillows are a great way to add a pop of colour to your decorating scheme.  But what if you want to have a neutral colour scheme?  How do you create a neutral cushion collection that works?  It can be done.  Here are my tops tips for creating a neutral cushion collection that will work in your home.

How to create a neutral cushion collection

Image – Homeedit

Shape & Size

First thing when creating a neutral cushion collection is to mix up the size and shape of the cushions.  Square cushions are the most popular.  They are generally available in 5cm increments from 35cm to 65cm.  Rectangular cushions are also widely available in a few different sizes – 35 x 55/65cm and 45 x 55/65cm.  Circle and bolster cushions are harder to find, but are available.

Choose a mix of different size and shape cushions to build your collection.

Neutral Cushion Collection Shape and Size

Source – Amy Vermillion


When dealing with a neutral colour palette, a great way to add variation is to add a subtle mix of patterns.  The patterns can be printed or woven/embroidered into the fabric (this will also give the cushions some visual texture – see below)

Neutral Cushion Collection Pattern

Image – Horchow


Texture is one of the most important elements when it comes to creating a harmonious neutral cushion collection.  Remember that texture can be both tactile (to touch) and visual (the way it looks).  The fabric you choose for your cushions will give you the textural variation you need.  Mix smooth and shiny silks with velvets or linen through to chunky knits or furs.  Again, the key is to mix it up.

Neutral Cushions Texture

Image – Horchow


Finally add some different tonal values to your cushions.  By pulling out and highlighting some of the light, medium, or dark tones in the neutral palette, you will create some contrast and visual interest.

Neutral Cushion Collection Texture

Image – In Style

 Here are some great neutral cushions to help you build your cushion collection using all the elements.

How to Create a Neutral Cushion Collection

Cushions – 1.   Chester Cushion from Pillow Talk   |   2.   Berkeley Scroll Cushion in Slate from Laura Ashley   |   3.   Brooklyn Cushion in coal from Zanui   |   4,   Luma Cushion in dove from Zanui   |   5.   Fletcher Cushion from Zanui   |   6.   Medallion Print Cushion from Pottery Barn   |   7.   Hide Cushion from Zanui   |   8.   Linen Seed Stitch Lumbar Cushion from Pottery Barn   |   9.   Velvet Fringe Cushion from Zanui   |   10.   Alvis Cushion from Sheridan   |   11.    Tambo Cushion from Provincial Home Living   |   12.   Avoca Cushion from Provincial Home Living

Neutral Cushion Collection

This is my current neutral cushion collection that has just happened by accident.  You can see when I made the musical script cushions at my old house.  After seeing all the beautiful neutral cushions available I think it might be time for some cushion shopping.  I’ve started by buying a new linen throw from Sheridan.  Maybe I’ll add some velvet cushions into the mix?