Having trouble getting back to work, here are some beautiful office accessories to create a Glamorous Home Office.  Its important to create a stylish and functional work space that you love.  Keep things in place by storing office supplies and important documents in labelled boxes.

Glamourous office1

Choose stylish and comfortable seating for your home office, as well as your office chair.

Glamourous office2

Add glamour to your home office with some gorgeous Kate Spade New York office Accessories.

glamourous office 3

Add artwork, magazines and a beautiful book for inspiration.

1.  Pink chair inspiration image from Pinterest.

2. Queen of Hearts clear heart vase from LoveStar.

3.  Metallic lamp from Domayne On Line.

4.  Hot pink storage boxes from Office Works.

5.  Office inspiration image.

6.  Kate Spade NY gold acrylic tray from The Gilded Pear.

7.  Kate Spade NY gold acrylic stapler from The Gilded Pear.

8.  Kate Spade NY gold spotted notebook from The Gilded Pear.

9.  Office inspiration image.

10.  Metallic gold ampersand print from Adorn Homewares.

11.  Kate Spade book from April & Rose Homewares.

12.  Pink glass storage box from Adorn Homewares.