Geraniums can look good by themselves, or mixed in with other annual plants and are perfect for adding colour to your outdoor area or patio.  You will find geraniums at most garden centres.  The ivy geranium is a trailing plant and is perfect for hanging baskets and can tolerate some shade.

Firstly start with planting your geraniums in a good quality potting mix so the soil won’t become compacted, geraniums need to be watered when the soil is dry, watering your geraniums in the morning is best and they will need at least six hours of sunlight everyday and be protected from strong winds.

Hanging Baskets2

Deadhead the geraniums regularly by pinching off all spent blooms. This will allow the energy to go towards developing new blooms. Keep hanging geraniums neat, and remove any dead or dry leaves.  It is best to fertilize hanging geraniums with an all purpose, water-soluble fertilizer every other week, or with a slow release fertilizer.

Hanging Baskets1

Hanging Baskets3

A basket liner or sphagnum moss can be used to line your wire hanging basket, and add strawberry plants to your basket for some variety.  Enjoy your gorgeous geranium hanging basket, and we would love to see a picture of your basket.

1.  Inspiration picture from All things Shabby and Beautiful.

2.  Pink ivy geranium from Garden World.

3.  White ivy geranium from Garden World.

4.  Faux geranium and ivy hanging basket.

5.  Hanging basket from Bunnings.

6.  Hanging Basket from Bunnings.

7.  Geranium Inspiration.

8.  Strawberry plant from Bunnings.

9.  Debco Sphagnum moss from Masters.