You don’t need expensive vases to create beautiful flower vignettes for your home. Today on DIY Decorator we will show you how to create a flower vignette using some simple vases from Ikea.
Flower Vignette pink roses

For the flowers, I used some roses from a local flower grower on the Mornington Peninsula.  Then added some hyacinths and cut some camellias from the garden which are in season.  The white hydrangeas below are actually artificial which are perfectly fine to use when you don’t have fresh flowers.

Flower vignette ginger jars

Ikea kindly sent me a selection of vases to create beautiful displays.  They are all clear simple designs which allow the flowers to be the star of the display.  I then shopped my home for the other decorator pieces to create each vignette.

Flower Vignette coastal seashells in glass bowl

You don’t just have to use flowers in your vases.  Here I filled this low cylinder vase with shells.  To give the seashells some height I have popped them on top of two of my favourite interiors books.

Flower Vignette pink hyacinths

The theme of this vignette is pink and green.  I used pink books to co-ordinate with the hyacinths, then I added some more foliage with a green wreath and a simple white heart.  I love pink and green together.

Flower vignettes roses and ginger jar

Here I have used a blue and white ginger jar to balance this flower vignette, again using my blue interior books to add both height and colour.

Flower vignettes camellias

This flower vignette was created with the large cylinder vase.  It was perfect for holding the camellias I picked from the garden.  This setting was kept fairly neutral with just a pop of green.  I love adding green to a neutral background.

Flower Vignette Simple Vases for beautiful flower arrangement

All of the vases pictured are available from IKEA.  They range in price from $0.99 to $19.99 so are very affordable.

Fresh flowers are the perfect way to lift your mood and add colour to any room in your home.   To keep your flowers fresh and lasting longer read our story Make your own flower food.