As an Aussie who loves the beach, I decided that this year I wanted to create a coastal Christmas tree for the downstairs living room.  In the southern hemisphere Christmas is in summer, so a nautical beach theme is the way to go.  Here’s how I created my Coastal Christmas tree.

Coastal Christmas tree

The Tree

Step 1.  Put up the tree.  I have a Balsam Hill Noble Fir tree 200cm  It’s easy to assemble as it’s pre-lit and comes in 3 sections.  Once assembled, all you have to do is fluff the branches.

Coastal Christmas tree Balsam Hill Noble Fir

Tree Skirt

Nobody wants to see the Christmas tree legs or stand.  You need a tree skirt or basket to hide it.  I found the perfect white wicker large tree skirt at Pillow Talk.

Coastal Christmas tree with white wicker tree skirt

Looking much better right?  And look at all those pretty lights that I didn’t have to string.  Pre-lit trees are much easier.


Now the Christmas tree looks good, I want it to smell good too so I added some Balsam Hill Scentsicles.  You just hook them over the inside branches and they fill the room with the scent of a real Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree scentsicles

Coastal Christmas Decorations

Next it was time to add the coastal decorations.  Unfortunately the shops are filled with snow covered winter wonderland decorations which is not what this Aussie was after.  So I had to do a little DIY.

Here’s what I made:

Boat Oar Decorations

My boat oar decorations were inspired by my beautiful life size boat oars from Oars Galore.

DIY mini boat oar decorationsBlue and White Version

DIY mini boat oar decorations

Natural timber version like my real oars

See how to make Boat Oar decorations here

Life Buoy Decorations

My life buoy decorations were inspired by some life rings I saw when I visited Coastal Vintage.

DIY mini Life buoy decorations

Blue & White Version

DIY mini Life buoy decorations

Taupe Version

See how to make life buoy decorations here

Shell Decorations

To make the shell decorations, I found some shells that were similar shapes and sizes.  I cut a piece of jute string about 20cm long and tied a knot in the end of it.  Then I used a hot glue gun to glue the string to the back of the shell.

Coastal Christmas tree Sea shell decorationCoastal Christmas tree decorations

Hessian Garland

The one thing I didn’t have to make was the hessian or burlap garland.  I simply wove it in and out of the tree.  I got my jute roll from Koch

Coastal Christmas tree hessian garland

Coastal Christmas Tree Topper

Finally I needed a tree topper.  I was thinking about a model sailing boat, but I didn’t have one.  What else could I use?  Then I saw my sea bird statue sitting on the entertainment unit, and as quick as a seagull grabbing a hot chip, he was up on top of the tree.

Coastal Christmas Tree

Coastal Christmas tree

Coastal Christmas tree boat oars

Coastal Christmas tree

If you have any questions about my coastal Christmas tree, just let me know.  Merry Christmas to you all.

DIY Coastal Christmas Tree