I am so pleased to finally share our classic ensuite makeover with you.  It seems like forever ago that we started.  Me travelling to the US for 7 weeks right in the middle of it didn’t help, but here it is 95% finished (because no room in the house is ever 100% finished right?)

Classic ensuite reveal

It looks pretty similar to how it used to but it’s a different colour and there is proper waterproofing and plumbing!  I’m so happy with how it turned out.  I wanted the room to feel calm and relaxing.  I also wanted a classic timeless style that would look as good in 10 years time as it does today.

The Vanity

Thankfully I was able to re-use the existing vanity.  It was custom made by a local cabinet maker a few years ago so there was no need to replace it.  Sadly the marble spashback didn’t survive being removed from the wall.  We  added a piece of timber to the top of the marble bench,  It has a decorative router edge and we painted it white.

Classic ensuite reveal white double vanity.

I replaced the twin Art Decor mirrors with these beaded mirrors.  I love the bead detail and bevel edge around them.

Classic ensuite reveal beaded mirror

The porcelain lever tap handles are new but the tap spout is the old one.  When I ordered the new taps I didn’t take the spout projection into account.  Stupid me.  I should know better.  The tap spouts I ordered were too short for the sink I had.  Not to worry, I re-used the old spouts and one of the new tap spouts is now in my powder room and looks perfect there.

Classic Ensuite reveal taps

The last addition to the vanity was some wall sconces either side of the mirror.  Previously the only lighting was the central pendant which was behind you.  The wall lights make it easy to put make up on etc.. when using the mirrors.

I would still like to get some small clip on candle shades for the sconces.  Like I said 95% done!

Classic Ensuite reveal wall sconces

The Bath

The bath is the real feature of the room.  It’s a claw foot double end bath with floor mounted tapware.  The large antique mirror is from The Paddington Antiques Centre and was in the house when we bought it, as was the light fitting.  It’s lovely to lie in the bath and look up at the original 1930’s decorative plaster ceiling.

Classic Ensuite Reveal Claw Foot bathSpare towels are rolled up and stored in a towel holder on the wall.Classic ensuite revealNext to the bath is a small pedestal table that I picked up from the Woolloongabba Antiques Centre (now the Camp Hill Antiques).  It holds an orchid, candle, soaps and bath salts.

Classic Ensuite Reveal

Classic ensuite revealClassic ensuite reveal

The Shower

The shower had to be completely rebuilt from scratch and nothing was re-used. I chose a frameless shower screen that sits directly on the tiles.

Classic ensuite reveal shower

I finally got my shower niche.  I was so sick of having one of those shower caddy’s that hangs over the shower head.  When the builder installed it, he measured it’s location so it would be exactly one tile width high and that it would line up with the tiles from the bottom.  That way it looks nice and clean.  If you are building a shower niche, talk to your builder to determine the best placement.

I replaced the shower taps with a mixer and moved it from underneath the shower rose, to the other side.  This way you can turn the shower on without getting your arm wet.

Classic ensuite reveal shower

Finally, I treated ourselves to a really good shower head.  There is the rain head and a hose head.  A simple diverter allows me to choose which head the water should come out of.  My husband loves the rain head.  I use the railhead on washing hair days and the hose when I don’t want my hair to get wet.

Classic ensuite reveal shower

The Walls & Floor

A new wall was built behind the vanity so we could install wall lights above the vanity.  All the VJ walls were repainted in the same colour as my master bedroom – Resene Cloud.  You can read how I chose this colour here.

Classic Ensuite Reveal

The floor tiles are porcelain marble look tiles.  They are laid in a herringbone pattern across the floor.
Classic ensuite reveal marble herringbone tiles

The tiler did an excellent job spacing out the pattern across the floor and creating a border that runs all around the room.

Classic ensuite reveal herringbone tiles

We cut the wall tiles in half lengthways and used them as the skirting tile.

Classic ensuite reveal

I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  I am very grateful to have such a beautiful ensuite.  Whatever ensuite you are planning in the future I hope that by reading about my renovation, you will have picked up some tips to help you plan yours.


My builder was LAK Constructions and I can highly recommend them

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Classic Ensuite reveal

Classic ensuite reveal