If you have some potted plants by your front door or in your garden, why not decorate them for Christmas?  Christmas potted plants are such a quick and easy way to add some festive holiday cheer to the outside of your home.  It’s as simple as a bow, some lights and some decorations.

Christmas potted plant

I have two urn style pots on either side of my driveway, planted with dwarf murraya.  I decided to add some Christmas cheer to this side of the house.  Watch the video to see how I did it, or read the tips below.

How to Decorate a Potted Plant for Christmas

How to Tie A Bow Around A Pot Plant

What You’ll Need:

  • A potted plant
  • Netting or ribbon to tie around – I chose netting as it drains water well if it get’s wet and won’t fade like cotton or linen.  It’s 100% nylon netting from Spotlight and is around $3-4 per metre.
  • Outdoor lights – I chose a set of 50 solar star lights that were $15 from The Reject Shop
  • Decorations of your choice – I chose a silver 4 metre bell garland $2.50 from The Reject Shop

Tips for Decorating Your Pot Plant:

  • The netting I bought was 129cm wide so I cut it in half lengthways so my bow wouldn’t be too full.  This means you’ll get 2 pieces of netting out of one length.
  • For my pots I needed 160cm of netting to tie around the pot and 160cm to make the bow, so a total length of 320cm. Measure your pot to see how much netting you’ll need.
  • If using solar lights, place the solar panel in a spot where it will get the most sunlight throughout the day.  The great thing about solar lights is they are set and forget – they turn themselves on and off every night.
  • If attaching baubles or decorations use wire ties to tie them onto the plant so they will not blow off in the wind.
  • Use plastic decorations rather than glass so they won’t smash if they fall off.

Christmas potted plants red bows

Christmas potted plants urns with red bows

I think the red netting really adds a pop of festive colour that can easily be seen from the street.  At night, the potted plants truely light up.

Christmas potted plants solar lights

Christmas potted plants solar lights

Have you got some potted plants that could do with a little Christmas makeover?  We’d love to see how you’ve decorated them, and so would our other readers.  Please send or tag us in a photo and we will share some on our Facebook page and instagram.  Happy decorating.

christmas potted plants