When it comes to wrapping your Christmas gifts to place under your tree, you can choose any colour or theme, just like decorating your tree.  Using natural brown paper makes a great background for Diy-ideas, you can be as creative as you want and involve all the family.  You can find the Diy bow instructions from The Bold Abodeprint off the page and cut out the template to use on your own paper.

Gift wrapping1

Adorn your gifts with sparkle and glamour with a silver or gold ornamental bird, heart or star.

Gift Wrapping

I couldn’t resist this gorgeous image from Dreamy Whites Blog with a white puppy and this stunning pink and gold wrapping.Christmas wrapping2

1.  Image from My Little Party Blog.

2.  DIY Reindeer print gift wrap from Splash of Something.

3.  Simple white bow and feather.

4.  DIY bow image for your presents from The Grant Life.

5.  Beautiful Christmas image from Dreamy Whites Blog.

6.  Beautiful glitter birds and gift wrapping from The Enchanted Home.

7.  Gift wrapping image.

8.  Diy-Decorator gift wrap by my mum.

9.  A Pink Christmas from This Is Glamourous.

10.   Glamorous pink and gold gift wrapping from Zsa Zsa Bellagio.

11.  Gift wrapping from Traditional Home.

12.  Silver wrapping with gold leaf and pink bow.