You know that feeling when you’ve been buying presents for everybody else, and you just want to treat yourself to a little something but you think you probably shouldn’t?  Well what if you bought something for your home that you ‘need’ for Christmas entertaining, and it just so happens that you can use it all year round?  Then it would kind of be justified right?

So if you’re feeling a bit that way, here are some great Christmas gifts for your home that will last all year round.

Christmas gift ideas for you and your home

 Cove Copper Lantern from Pillow Talk   |   Diamond bottle opener from Target   |   Glass jar with Copper trim from Wheel & Barrow   |   French Pot from Hamptons Style   |   Festive Provincial Wreath from Adairs   |   Luna Brushed Gold Cutlery Set from Pottery Barn   |   Yule Mercury mini-wreath from Provincial Home Living   |   Paris Ice Bucket from Botticelli House   |   Glitter Dot Plate from Pillow Talk   |   Lyst Light Dome from Provincial Home Living   |   Marble Bell Jar from Kmart   |   Boxwood tree from West Elm

Do you try to justify a little present for yourself every now and then?

Christmas wrapping