In Australia, we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, which is the 10th of May this year.  It is traditional to give flowers for Mother’s Day, but which flowers should you choose and what do they mean?  Let’s take a look at some of the options.

Mother's Day flowers chrysanthemums

1. Crysanthemums

Traditionally in Australia, Chrysanthemums are given for Mother’s Day because they end in mums.  They are also in season in May, so they are widely available to buy and they are long lasting (up to 3 weeks if you look after them properly).  Image – Bexley Floral & Gifts (Sydney)

mother's day flowers carnations

2. Carnations

Anna Jarvis, the founder of the modern Mother’s Day, used white carnations to honour her mother who had passed away.  White carnations have come to symbolise honouring a deceased mother.  Pink carnations honour a living mother and symbolise gratitude and a mother’s love, whilst red carnations signify admiration.  To create painted mason jars like the ones pictured above, see the tutorial at Mason Jar Love.

mother's day flowers lilies

3. Lillies

Lillie’s are popular for their big blooms, and long life.  When giving lilies, I prefer to cut off the stamen of any open flowers so they don’t drop and leave a yellow/orange stain.  This stunning lilly arrangement is from The Lush Lily (Brisbane)

Mother's Day flowers roses

4. Roses

Pink roses represent grace, elegance and admiration, whilst yellow roses symbolise joy and friendship.  I am lucky that my husband is brilliant at growing roses and I have a nearly all year round supply of the most beautiful roses we can grow up here in Brisbane.  If you would like to grow your own roses, he recommends Treloar Roses.

mother's day flowers african violet

5. Violets

Violets are associated with modesty and affection.  My grandmother always had a pot of African Violets growing somewhere in her house.  I love the idea of potting them into teacups as pictured here from Midwest Living.

mother's day flowers orchid

6. Orchids

If you would like to give a potted plant that will last longer than cut flowers, try an orchid.  Orchids are beautiful and elegant.  Read Sam’s tips for caring for orchids on DIY Decorator here.


7. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are one of my favourite plants.  They have great big blooms of petals, and are wonderfully old-fashioned.  They symbolise heartfelt emotion.  This beautiful hydrangea display is from Paint Me White.

8.  Other Autumn Flowers

Other flowers that are available in May (autumn) include: gerberas, irises, delphinium, frangipani, freesia, and tulips.

mother's day flowers

Mother’s Day is a time to say thank you for your Mum’s hard work and dedication, and show your appreciation.  What flowers will you be giving or hope to receive this Mother’s Day?