Have you ever bought a bar stool and brought it home only to find that it is too tall or short for where you want to use it?  Well we’ll help you to learn the measurements you need to choose the right bar stools for your home.

Bar stools wrong size

Image via Cox & Cox

I love this photo above, but the bar stools are the wrong size.  They are too tall for the butchers block.  Here’s a guide to measurement.

Choose the right bar stool height

Some stools have adjustable heights and will suit both of these common heights.  You need to allow about 25-30cm of space between the bar stool and the bench or bar.  If you choose a stool with a back and arms, make sure there is enough clearance for the arms to fit under the counter or the stools will not push underneath.  Here are some great bar stools we found that are available in both heights.

Bar Stools Different Sizes


DIY Decorator Sourcebook

1.   San Vito bar stools from Eco Chic

2.   Industrial iron bar stools from Stools & Chairs

3.   Gavin bar stools from Eco Chic

4.   Ghost bar stools from Glick’s Direct