The bathroom vanity is the real centrepiece of the bathroom so you want to choose one that not only looks good but is practical too.  There’s a large range of bathroom vanities on the market to choose from so we’ve put together this guide to help you make the right choice.

Bathroom Vanity

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Whether you’re looking for a vanity that works in a small space or you’re updating a spacious master bathroom, these steps below will guide you through the process of finding the right vanity for your space.

Bathroom Vanity

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Size & Storage

The size of your bathroom will dictate the size of your vanity.  Measure your bathroom space before choosing a bathroom cabinet.   Consider how much counter space and storage space you will need. Check the width and depth of your vanity to make sure it will fit in that space.

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The convenience of having two sinks in your master bathroom will give you your own personal space.  Two sinks are the preferred choice if you can fit a double vanity.  If you would much rather prefer the added bench space a single sink may suit your needs.

Bathroom Vanity

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A free standing vanity is the most common bathroom vanity used and will provide the maximum storage space for your bathroom.  Using a wall mounted vanity with no legs will open up a small bathroom.  A free standing vanity will give you extra storage space and may save on installation costs with your plumber.

Bathroom vanities are often sold with a collection of pieces to give you a certain style. Choose from sinks, mirrors, wall cabinets and lighting from the same collection.


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Choosing a bathroom vanity that is custom made to fit your bathroom space and style is ideal.  A custom made bathroom vanity can maximise space and storage and get the finish you want.  This option will be more costly than a store bought bathroom vanity.  Consult a local cabinet maker.


It’s ideal to contact a plumber before carrying out any works in your bathroom. They can guide you on the cost of your renovation. Even switching from a traditional floor vanity to a wall mounted vanity will require some changes to your pipes and drains.

Some vanities will come with pre drilled holes in the counter top which will impact on what taps you can choose for your vanity.

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The materials you choose for your bathroom vanity will most likely be dictated by the style you are looking for.

Most vanities are made of a quality timber such as oak or a laminated chipboard with a different material used for the bench top. The vanity you choose will need to be water resistant and easy to maintain.

A glass top vanity is an increasingly popular material to use.Glass can be fully transparent or semi opaque. Stone basins and benchtops are another option and make for an elegant bathroom.

Have you completed a bathroom renovation?  Would you change anything to your bathroom if you were able to do it again?  We would love to hear about your experience.

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