Its no secret, I love chandeliers, I have one in the entrance of my home and another chandelier hanging in my kitchen.  Chandeliers are a stylish and glamourous addition to any room in your home, but working out what size chandelier to suit your room and at what height to hang them can be difficult, follow our simple tips for choosing and hanging a chandelier. A gorgeous chandelier will add glamour and elegance to your home, I promise.

dining room chandelier

 Image | Beach Dwellings Interiors via Decorpad

First and most importantly, your chandelier must be installed by a licensed electrician.  Most chandeliers are hung in the middle of your room, if you are placing your chandelier in the dining room, position it directly above the middle of the dining room table. Hang your chandelier approximately 28 to 32 inches above the table based on a standard 2.4m high ceiling and use the same measurements to hang your chandelier over an island bench in your kitchen.

Chandelier Laura Ashley1


Image | Shamley 12 light chandelier from Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley have updated their classic Shamley chandelier design and introduced this new 12 light option. An elegant way to illuminate your room this grand piece makes an opulent statement.

When choosing your chandelier size, sometimes bigger is usually better, although you must consider the width and height of your room. The taller the ceiling, the larger the chandelier. For ceilings nine feet or higher install a multi-tiered chandelier to cascade down into the space.  Your chandelier should complement your room and not overpower it.


Chandelier Kitchen2


Image | Apartment Therapy via Decorpad

Choose low wattage globes for chandeliers with exposed globes so you don’t feel excessive heat or find your chandelier too bright for your room.  Using clear globes and not frosted globes will ensure the maximum coloured light refraction through the crystal.

Chandelier Early Settler2

 Image | Calliope 5 light Chandelier from Early Settler

Before you start cleaning your chandelier, ensure the power is turned off.  Clean your chandelier thoroughly at least once a year, and dusting lightly every couple of months to keep your chandelier sparkling and glamourous.

 Chandelier Kitchen1Image | Style Me Pretty via Decorpad



 Image | Marie Therese 3 Light Pendant from Schots Home Emporium

When hanging your chandelier in a living room you can hang it slightly lower, especially if there is a coffee table or ottoman placed below it.  Ask your electrician about installing a dimmer for your chandelier to change the mood and save energy.