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Interiors News

How to Pin Instagram Photos

Have you ever come across a beautiful image in instagram and wished you could pin it to one of your Pinterest boards?  Well you can.  Here’s how: Step 1 Open instagram on your phone and find an instagram image you love.  I love this bedroom setting from Black Band Design.  Click on the circles below […]

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IKEA Launches Wireless Charging Range

Imagine how convenient it would be if you could put you mobile phone down on your bedside table or desk and it would charge itself without having to plug it in and having wires everywhere?  Well IKEA is turning that idea into reality with its new range of Home Smart wireless charging furniture and accessories. […]

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Solve My Decorating Problem

Today I was going to talk to you about the Pro Blogger conference that Sam and I went to over the weekend, but  you know, you probably don’t need to hear all about that so instead I’m going to ask you this….. What Decorating Problem is Making You Mad? Yep, that’s right, we want to […]

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Life Instyle 2015

I was so excited to attend the Life Instyle event this year.  Life Instyle and Kids Instyle was held at the stunning Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, Melbourne where Australia’s premium boutique trade event showcases products and brands on the cooler side of style and design. I was able to preview the latest trends and homewares that will be filling […]

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Instagram can be filled with endless inspiration and quotes and absolutely stunning interiors and homes.  Instagram can take you into someone else’s home, holiday, renovation or homewares store.  It is a way of allowing us to see the world through the eyes of others, which I love.  From shots of people hosting their own dinner parties […]

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Life Instyle Blog

Sam and I are so pleased to have been included in the list of regular contributors to the Life Instyle Blog.  If you like what you read here, you may like to visit the Life Instyle blog, where we write a story once a month, together with some other amazing blog contributors. Life Instyle Blog […]

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Interiors Shops to Follow on Instagram

Interiors shops follow instagram The Beach

I follow all sorts of people on instagram, including some of my favourite interiors shops.  I enjoy seeing them style the products in their shops to showcase what they offer.  It’s visual merchandising heaven.  Some of the photos truly take my breath away, they are so beautiful.  So I want to showcase some interiors stores […]

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