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DIY Slipcovers for Dining Chairs

DIY Slipcovers for dining chair

How to make DIY Slipcovers for dining chairs – THE VIDEO!!!!  Yes, I’m being very brave today and putting myself out there with a DIY video to show you how to make these simple slipcovers for a dining chair. These are my dining room chairs and they have white seat cushions.  White + teenagers = […]

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Book Page Walls

Book page wall

Book page walls are often seen in magazines and on pinterest.  They are a quick and easy wall to add vintage character to your walls.  All you need are some book pages, glue and a little bit of time.  Here’s some inspiration. Image via Lisa Waringer Photography.  Here the pages are all a uniform size […]

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Buy or DIY – Basket Projects

Fabric Basket Buy or DIY

Buy or DIY?  Sometimes you can’t find what you’re looking for or your budget doesn’t allow you to buy what you want so you DIY it.  Sometimes you don’t have the time, skills or patience to make it, so you just buy what you need.  There’s no right or wrong answer.  We do both.  If […]

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Family Command Centre

Life’s busy, so to stay organised I have set up a family command centre at the end of my kitchen.  What’s a family command centre you ask? Well it’s a central place where you can keep notes, your calendar and even the car keys. Images from KikkiK, Decor Pad (Better Homes & Gardens), and Clean […]

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Timber wall panels and dado railing

Easyascot timber wall panels are an easy way to transform any room, a perfect weekend project.  You just work out how many internal wall panels you need and pop into your nearest Bunnings store.  You may need to order some panels at the Special Orders Desk.  A dado rail is also known as a chair […]

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DIY Tray Ideas

You know we have a thing for trays, and we have found some great DIY Tray ideas that we want to share with you. This great chalkboard party tray was made by Shanty 2 Chic.  It’s simply a piece of timber painted with chalkboard paint and drawer pulls are attached as handles.  Chalkboard paint available from […]

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Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

An embroidery hoop is two circular hoops with a tightening device that is used to hold a piece of fabric taut so it can be embroidered, but they can easily be used to create your own custom wall art. These beautiful embroidery hoop wall plaques are available from Ivy & Lil. If you’re a DIY […]

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