Tips for Buying Bed Linen

A beautiful bedroom and a great night’s sleep are a luxury, follow these simple tips for buying your bed linen for a great nights sleep. Image: Linen House Firstly look at the thread count of your linen.  The thread count is the number of fibres woven per square inch of material.  Thehigher your thread count […]

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Gorgeous ways to display your Jewellery

Jewellery vignette

When we buy beautiful pieces of jewellery its so nice to display them instead of hiding them away.  Here are a few ideas on how to display your jewellery.  I have had some fun rearranging some earrings and bracelets on my dressing table to add a bit of glamour to my bedroom. Image: DIY Decorator […]

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5 Simple Tips to Update your Bedroom

Give your bedroom a new look that you will love by creating a beautiful room to relax, read and sleep.  You can turn your bedroom into the ultimate sophisticated retreat with these five simple tips. Image:  Tobi Fairley via Decorpad Lighting can set the mood for your bedroom.  Add a beautiful lamp for reading your favourite […]

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Hot Water Bottles to Warm You Up

hot water bottle knitted cover pattern

Now the cooler weather is here and the nights are chilly, you might want to warm yourself up with a good old fashioned hot water bottle.  A cosy cover will hide the ugly rubber insert and protect your skin from the direct heat of the bottle.  There are some very cute hot water bottle covers […]

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Luxurious and Relaxed Linen

Linen Bedlinen

Decorating your bedroom with Linen can provide a calming, relaxed and elegant look.  We use Linen fabric in the home for many decorator pieces, upholstery, cushions, table cloths and lamps.  Linen is a fabric that breathes well and and will not only keep you cool in the warmer months but will retain warmth in the […]

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Gorgeous Blue Bedlinen

Gorgeous blue bed linen. I love shopping for new bed linen and I am always on the look out for something new and anything blue for my bedroom. Investing in good quality bed linen is essential, especially when we spend almost a third of our lives in bed. Image | Lazy Bones This beautiful Rosette bedding […]

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5 Ways to Store Your Scarves

ways to store your scarves

With autumn now here and the cooler weather soon on it’s way, it will be scarf wearing time again.  Rather than hiding your scarves away in drawers and baskets, I thought I’d find ways to store scarves, but easily see them so I’m more likely to grab one and wear it.  So here are 5 […]

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