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What is the Right Bedside Lamp Height

What is the right bedside lamp height?  Here’s how to work it out and the dimensions you need to know.  The height bedside lamp you need will depend on how you plan to use the lamp. Bedside Lamp Used for Reading If you will use the lamp for reading or writing while in bed you […]

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Decorating The Perfect Pre-Schoolers Bedroom

Get inspired to create the perfect pre-schoolers bedroom.  Look for inspiration in the things she loves and mix them in with her bedroom decor. Image Waterleaf Interiors The bed is usually the centrepiece of your pre-schoolers room.  Choosing a really comfortable bed is so important for little people, it might even encourage them to stay there […]

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Quick Guide: Bedside Table Styling

Is your bedside table styled to perfection and a joy to wake up to every morning or is it drowning in clutter so you can’t even see the top of it?  Whilst your bedside table needs to be functional, it can also be pretty.  Here is our quick guide to bedside table styling. 1. Lighting […]

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Tips for Buying Bed Linen

A beautiful bedroom and a great night’s sleep are a luxury, follow these simple tips for buying your bed linen for a great nights sleep. Image: Linen House Firstly look at the thread count of your linen.  The thread count is the number of fibres woven per square inch of material.  Thehigher your thread count […]

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Gorgeous ways to display your Jewellery

Jewellery vignette

When we buy beautiful pieces of jewellery its so nice to display them instead of hiding them away.  Here are a few ideas on how to display your jewellery.  I have had some fun rearranging some earrings and bracelets on my dressing table to add a bit of glamour to my bedroom. Image: DIY Decorator […]

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