I don’t usually give advice on cleaning, but I’d thought I’d share how I keep on top of my dark timber floors.  Dark stained floorboards are a popular choice of flooring, but they do require regular cleaning to look good.  Watch the video below or read the blog post.

Dirty Timber Floors

All floors get dirty.  That’s everyday life.  The advantage of dark timber floors is that dirty marks are usually disguised unless the sun is shining on the floorboards.  The disadvantage to dark timber floors is that they show all light coloured dust, fluff and hair.

How to care for dark timber floors

How to Care for Dark Timber Floors

My house had white painted floors when we bought it which were impossible to keep clean.  Now we have dark stained timber floorboards upstairs.  I much prefer the darker timber, but they do take some care and cleaning.  Here’s how I stay on top of my dark timber floors.


The floors are vacuumed every week.  In between, I vacuum almost daily using a cordless stick vac.  I have the Bosch Athlete Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner which I bought from Harvey Norman   I keep it in the walk in wardrobe, so it is easy to grab.  It has good suction and stays charged for a good length of time.  A quick 2 minute vacuum makes a world of difference.  It’s much quicker and easier to use a cordless handheld vacuum than to get my normal vacuum cleaner from under the stairs and bring it up.

How to care for dark timber floors


There are 2 ways I mop.  Just with plain water using a spray microfibre mop.  I bought my mop from Woolworths.  Just spray water onto the floor using the trigger and mop with the microfibre mat.

How to care for timber floors

Or using Method Squirt and Mop with a microfibre mop.  You simply squirt the liquid over the floor and mop with a microfibre mop.  No need to rinse.

How to care for dark timber floors

Clean Timber Floors

I mainly just vacuum and mop the kitchen and living room.  They are the rooms that are used all the time and get dirty.  Other areas of the house are done on a weekly or as needed basis.  I’m not perfect.  They are not always clean but they do look so much better when they’re clean.

How to care for dark timber floors

How to care for dark timber floors

How to care for dark timber floors

Some things to remember when cleaning timber floors:

  • I was advised by Awesome Timber Floors who sanded and stained our floorboards, not to use a steam mop.  Their advice was just to use water and a microfibre mop.  You can add a little methylated spirits to help the water dry faster.
  • Do not use mopping liquids containing wax.  They can cause a wax build up on your timber floors.
  • Use a microfibre mop so the water on the floor dries quickly and doesn’t leave water marks on the floor.

If you have dark timber floors, please share how you stay on top of them.

How to care for dark timber floors

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