Bungalow Living Outdoor Cushions Wicker Chair

Summer is a great time to live outdoors, but the sun can be harsh on your outdoor furnishings. Well problem solved with Bungalow Living’s great range of outdoor cushions made with special outdoor fabric.

 Bungalow Living navy trellis cushion

 Navy Trellis Cushion

This outdoor fabric is made to be stain and water resistant, as well as resistant to fading under prolonged UV exposure.  In fact it is fade resistant up to 500 hours of direct sun exposure.  These qualities are achieved in a number of different ways, from the quality of the dye to the weight of the fabric itself, as well as special wax-like coatings which move and flex with the cloth whilst repelling liquids. When you buy cushions made from this outdoor fabric, you can be confident that they’ll not only look fantastic, but require minimal maintenance. 

Bungalow Living White coral ob blue background cushion

Coral Blue Cushion

Brisbane-based Bungalow Living have a wide range of ready-made cushion covers to choose from with prices starting from $52 for a 42cm x 42cm cushion cover , including an Eco cushion insert, or $42 for the cover only.  What’s even better is their custom made service.  You can have any cushion made in any size.  The hardest part is choosing from over 390 fabrics.

Bungalow Living ming blue chinoiserie cushion


Chinoiserie Blue

Bungalow Living is run by Megan and Carla, two mums living in Brisbane’s hinterland.  They met as school friends, but their love of bright colourful interiors prompted them to start Bungalow Living.   They have been influenced by their extensive travels and are attracted to fabrics that feature Batik, Chinoiserie, Tropical Foliage, Middle Eastern and bright Tribal prints.  They try to steer away from prints that you find in mass marketed outdoor cushions.   Although they have worked with neutral tones, they prefer a tropical eclectic look.

Bungalow Living Outdoor Cushions Tropical Style

To shop online and view the range of fabrics, visit Bungalow Living.