Build your own Terrarium or buy one already complete from Little Lands.  Terrariums require little watering, they don’t take up much space and are generally easy to care for.   These little green and lush vignettes create interest and liven up a space in your home.

Little Lands

Little Lands is known for the intricate design of traditional terrariums, a terrarium in an encapsulated eco-system that thrives on neglect.  No need to water as long as the lid is on at all times.  Martha Stewart TerreriamThis image is from Martha Stewart, Martha has a video on making beautiful Terrariums.


Happy Place Terrariums has a selection of little habitats providing homes to hand-painted animal figurines.  Your terrarium will need a semi to bright spot requiring water or mist once a week.

1. Little Lands.

2.  Little Lands Terrarium.

3.  Fairy Fabulous from Little Lands.

4.  Martha Stewart,

5.  Fairy Terrarium from Happy Place Terrariums

6.  Animal Kingdom Terrarium from Happy Place Terrariums.

7.  Simple how to instructions on how to build your own Terrarium.