You know when you are so cold, down to the bone, and the only way to truly warm up again is to soak for a while in a nice hot bath?  Well if winter has you a bit cold right now, get your bath set up with some essentials so you can enjoy a good bubble bath.

bubble bath essentials

Image: Front Gate

This image sums up the perfect bubble bath pretty well – bubbles, a glass of wine, candles burning, fresh flowers, bath salts and fluffy towels. Just add some music and a do not disturb sign.

bubble bath essentials bath tray

Image: Red Envelope

A bath caddy is a great way to hold your book without it getting wet.  It can also hold a drink or snack.

homemade bath salts

Homemade Bath Salt recipe from Om Nom Ally

bubble bath essentials homemade bubble bath

Homemade bubble bath recipe from Julie Blanner

bubble bath essentials towels

You can’t have a bubble bath without fluffy white towels to dry off and a cozy warm bath robe to slip into afterwards.

Image left – Sarah Kaye   |    Image right – Hitta Hem)

bubble bath essentials candles

Create an inviting atmosphere by lighting candles around the bathtub

(Image left – The Berry, Image right – Powder White)

bath chandelier

Image: Houzz

Of course, a bath is always better with a big mirror and a chandelier but we can’t have everything right?