I’m a big fan of using books in my home decorating, but a pile of books with nothing on top just looks…empty.  You need a book topper.  A what?  Yes that’s right I called it a book topper.  A book topper is just something you put on top of your pile of books to finish it off and create a little vignette.

Book toppers

What do you use as a book topper?  I have previously written some tips on choosing a book topper in Home Decor Styling Secret 1.  Today, I want to share some of my favourite book toppers that you can use.

Straight & Square Book Toppers

Stay with the straight lines of the books, and use a glass or decorative box as your book topper.

book toppers glass box

Book toppers glass box

Glass toppers bone inlay box

Contrasting Shape Book Toppers

Contrast the straight lines of the books by using a book topper with a rounded or more organic shape.

book toppers bust

Book toppers Coral

Blue coral available from Daly House Lifestyle

Book topper blue and white jar

book toppers bird

book toppers cloche bird nest

book toppers cloche candle

Add a Touch of Nature

Add flowers or greenery to the mix.

book toppers blue and white orchid

book toppers marble pot

book toppers pink roses

book toppers silver teapot

book toppers topiary ball

Book Topper Ideas:

  • Glass box
  • Bone inlay or other decorative box
  • Coral, shells and driftwood
  • Ginger Jar, blue and white china
  • Cloche
  • Candle
  • Vase
  • Pot plant
  • Sphere shaped decor
  • Star shaped decor


Here is where you can get some of the books featured in this story:   The Joy of Decorating by Phoebe Howard   |   Island Style by India Hicks   |   Country by Jasper Conran   |   How to Decorate by Shannon Fricke   |   Romantic Style by Selina Lake & Sara Norrman   |   Vintage Chic by Cabbages & Roses   |   New Vintage by Tahn Scoon   |   The Pottery Barn books are over 10 years old.  You may be able to find second hand copies on Amazon.

So what do you use as a book topper?  Let me know.  Don’t say a box of tissues on a pile of magazines next to the bed – I already have that one covered.

Book Topper ideas