Today we are reviewing a book by Phoebe Howard called The Joy of Decorating, which is a very easy and beautiful book to read. Phoebe takes you through the process of decorating your home from creating an inviting home for your family to making your house an escape from everyday life.

The Joy of Decorating by Phoebe Howard

Image: Phoebe Howard

This is Phoebe’s first book, The Joy of Decorating, which features several of her largest design projects and addresses the most common decorating issues and questions her clients and customers have asked . The book’s design projects are organized by theme: Inviting, Inspiring, Timeless, Graceful, Tranquil, Casual and Comfortable – all words that have been used to describe Mrs. Howard’s work and ones that illustrate the many different ways she strives to make her houses look and feel. This book is all about creating an elegant living space you are comfortable in.


Phoebe Howard

Image: Mr. & Mrs. Howard

About Phoebe

Phoebe Howard and her husband Jim own a successful line of interior design stores, known as “Mrs. Howard”.  Phoebe creates stylish spaces and is recognised as one of the foremost authorities on Southern Style and her projects have been featured in most major interior magazines.

Phoebe Howard2

Image: Phoebe Howard

The Joy of Decorating

In this book Phoebe walks her reader through a step by step of some of her favourite decorating projects and shares how she and her husband design and decorate inviting and inspiring rooms in their stores. I highly recommend this lovely book, not only for Phoebe’s beautifully decorated rooms but the advice and information she shares.

Phoebe Howard3

Image: Phoebe Howard


Some featured decorating projects include houses and apartments in Florida, Georgea, North Carolina, Alabama, Bermuda and New York and address the most common decorating issues and problems people face with decorating their homes.


Phoebe Howard4

Image: Phoebe Howard

Phoebe Howard is one of my favourite Designers and I really love Phoebe’s ability to create timeless and elegant interiors for your home.

“The pleasure of living in a well decorated space is undeniable.  The places we live in should suit our lifestyles, express our personalities, make us glad to be home, and even happier to spend time there”.  – Phoebe Howard.

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