Sam and I hope you are enjoying your Christmas break.  In Australia, Christmas time is also our summer holiday period, so we are enjoying a little break with our families.  We will be back with fresh new content next Monday 18th January, but this week we want to share with you some of our most popular stories on DIY Decorator in 2015.

Grey House Paint Colours

grey house paint colours

Grey must still be a very fashionable colour as this was one of our most read posts and has been pinned on Pinterest more than 1000 times.  Read about Grey House Paint Colours

The Secret to Decorating a Fireplace

decorating a fireplace string lights

These 4 simple tips will have your fireplace looking great in no time.  This story has been pinned to Pinterest over 6000 times.  Read The Secret to Decorating a Fireplace

Tropical British Colonial Style

Tropical British Colonial Style

This post is how to achieve the British Colonial look used in the tropics at the turn of the last century.  My prediction was that this relaxed island look will grow in popularity to become the next design trend.  Let’s see.  Read about Tropical British Colonial Style.

Espalier Trees for the Garden

Espalier trees

There must be some garden lovers out there because this story on espalier trees was also very popular and has been pinned more than 100 times.  Read about Espalier Trees for the Garden

Relaxed Living – Hamptons Style

Hamptons collage

This simple story captures the relaxed living of the Hamptons style with a palette of naturals, blue and white.  It has been pinned over 200 times.  Read Relaxed Living – Hamptons Style.

Furniture Arrangement Tips

Pink Orchids

This story was written to help one of our readers work out how she should arrange the furniture in her large living room with a corner fireplace.  Read our Furniture Arrangement Tips

These were our top 6 stories for 2015 in the How to Decorate category.  You can read all our How to Decorate stories by clicking on the How to Decorate tab of our menu bar.

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