Houseplants bring life to your home.  Orchids are an elegant plant to decorate your home with, creating a display in your entrance, bathroom or living room, and of course in a blue and white pot from Botticelli House.  Here are some helpful tips to follow to care for your Orchid and they will provide you with long lasting blooms for many years.


 Image| DIY Decorator

Orchids mainly produce flowers once a year.  Like most indoor plants your Orchid will need plenty of sunlight to keep blooming each year.  Orchids have originated from tropical areas and they aren’t happy in overly wet or dark conditions. They like light and plenty of air moving around their roots.


Early settler orchid


Image| Early Settler

There are also some fabulous looking artificial Orchids available  to bring colour and life to a table display in your home from Alfresco Emporium and Early Settler.


 Image | The Enchanted Home

Most Orchids love a high humidity environment so they’re great choices for growing in a bathroom or near the kitchen sink.  To provide your Orchids with more humidity set the pot on a tray of pebbles filled with water, the Orchid’s pot should sit on the pebbles just above the water, which will surround your plant with a moist environment.


Alfresco emporium orchid


Image | Alfresco Emporium

Giving them too much water is one of the most common reasons they can die. Orchids are naturally grown in the branches of trees where they live on rainwater that washes over them.


Image | Country Living

Orchids aren’t planted in potting mix like other houseplants as their roots require air to circulate around them.  You can find some special orchid mix from your local nursery for them to thrive in.  Orchids are potted in a bark mixture or sphagnum moss.  I just bought a beautiful white Orchid from Bunnings, so I hope it loves my home as much as my Maidenhair Fern.