Looking for bathroom accessories for a classic bathroom?  Bathroom accessories are both practical and decorative, and are a great way to update the look of your bathroom.  Let’s look at three classic bathrooms and see what bathroom accessories might work in them.

Black & White Bathroom Accessories

This gorgeous bathroom belongs to my friend Nicole.  It’s a classic mix and black and white, marble and chrome.  The metallic mirror and timber stool add some warmth to the room.

Bathroom accessories for classic bathrooms

Marble bathroom belonging to The Builder’s Wife

Bathroom accessories for a classic bathroom

Marble soap dispenser from Sheridan   |   Phalaenopsis artificial plant from Freedom Furniture   |   Ashley & Co Home Perfume from Hunting for George   |   Black Corduroy Rib queen towels from Canningvale   |   Marble tray from Sheridan

Natural Bathroom Accessories

This bathroom designed by Sarah Barthomolew is classic white and chrome but with touches of green and a rustic woven tray.  Texture adds so much to this bathroom.

bathroom accessories for classic bathrooms

The Highlands bathroom designed by Sarah Bartholomew

Classic bathroom accessories

Reign toilet brush from Freedom Furniture   |   Rattan tissue box cover from Alfresco Emporium   |   Potted orchid from Pillow Talk   |   Waffle Border towels in light taupe from Canningvale   |   Porcelain basketweave bathroom accessories from Pottery Barn


Feminine Bathroom Accessories

This bathroom has a feminine touch some blue and white and soft blush used in the accessories.  The timber stool adds warmth and texture.

Bathroom accessories for classic bathrooms

Riverside Bathroom designed by House of Jade

Classic Bathroom Accessories Feminine

Marino bathroom accessories from Zanui   |   Artificial pink roses from Living Styles   |   Circa Hand soap from Pillow Talk   |      Luxury retreat white towels from Sheridan   |   Blue and white Garden stool from Living Styles

Whilst all three of these bathrooms have a classic decorating style, each one has it’s own unique theme.  By carefully choosing bathroom accessories, we can highlight the decor theme of the bathroom and add colour, pattern and texture in the room.

I am just about finished my ensuite renovation . The main construction work is nearly done apart from a few loose ends.  Now it’s time to add the final decor touches to finish of the room.  Stay tuned for my ensuite renovation reveal!

Classic Bathroom Accessories