Storage baskets have many uses around your home and they provide easy organization solutions for storing items. From keeping a bookshelf tidy with baskets, storing remote controls, throw rugs or storing cleaning products in your laundry and towels in your bathroom.  We have found some storage baskets of all shapes and sizes to suit any room and keep clutter to a minimum.

Basket Storage

Image 1.  Better Homes & Gardens | Image 2. Freedom | Image 3. Freedom | Image 4. Freedom

The Lorne Basket with Rope Handles from Freedom (image 2.) exploits the natural beauty of water hyacinth. Finished in rope for rustic charm, this handmade basket exudes an artisanal style. With a white base and two handles for easy carriage, it is both practical and naturally elegant to store your household items.

Basket Storage

Image: Country Living


Basket Storage

Image: 5. The Brooklyn Home Company  | Image 6. Provincial Home Living | Image 7. Provincial Home Living | Image 8.Provincial Home Living

I love these Kubu Grey baskets from Provincial Home Living (no. 8) and have a few in my office to store magazines, books and paper work, makes everything so much easier to move around, these baskets are durable and tough, they also offer attractive and unique shapes suitable for a variety of functions.


Basket Storage

Image: The Elegant Abode


Basket Storage

Image 9. Jackye Lanham Interior Designer | Image 10.Zara Home | Image 11. Milly & Eugene | Image 12.Zara Home

These beaded boxes from Milly and Eugene are one of my favourites, they come in a set of three pieces, that all fit inside each other. The outside of these pieces has been are intricately beaded by hand. While the inside of the boxes are woven together using bamboo. These boxes are strong and sturdy and make beautiful, decorative, storage pieces. 

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