The Art Deco period refers to the period between WWI and WWII, from the mid-1920’s until around 1940.  Art Deco’s name and style was derived from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decorifs held in Paris in 1925, which showcased mass produced products for the modern era.

Max Sparrow Art DecoImage – Max Sparrow Art Deco inspired Corbeau Side Table

Art Deco was both practical and economical.  Simple shaped buildings were decorated with motifs in prominent places so they appeared fashionable and up to date.  Embellishments featured hard edges and low relief designs, and were characterised by geometric shapes such as chevrons, and stylised natural elements such as florals and sunrise. Artworks featured stylised aeroplanes, cars, cruise ships and skyscrapers.

Art Deco Poster Collage Art Deco Posters available from Vintage Venus

Here are some simple ways you can add Art Deco decor elements to your home.

Art Deco Decor Collage

DIY Decorator Sourcebook

1.   Art Deco poster from eCrater

2.  Art Deco Lamp from Classiques en Furniture

3.   Arlena Large Mirror from Schotts Home Emporium

4.   Florence Broadhurst Art Deco Wallpaper from Removable Wallpaper

Art Deco Lighting Collage

5.   Napier Art Deco style bracket from Reno Exchange

6.   Savoy Art Deco chandelier from Restoration Online

7.   Chrome Retro Rod set from Restoration Online

Don’t foget you can add or restore architectural elements too

Art Deco Architecture Collage


Art Deco door handles available from Restoration Online

Art Deco leadlight windows from Wesley Vine

Art Deco plaster ceiling roses from Plaster Profiles